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Until Center Playhouse can re-open for live performances, we will have an online presence for both current and new patrons.

We have an exciting variety of dramatic, comedic and musical programs coming your way.

Some are free - some are not - all require you to log into a Zoom Webinar to be part of the experience.

join us this friday at 8pm for great revival and folk music

It's a new year and a new show -- The Oakley Briarpickers & Friends! With local folk musicians Richard Smith and Denise Warren returning with new songs.

The Oakley Briarpickers is an Old Time Music band based in Freehold which performs fiddle tunes, reels, waltzes, Civil War era songs, square and contra dance tunes and old mountain songs. Old Time was the root of bluegrass and country, and some of the tunes have been around since the 1600s.

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New events will be added regularly.

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