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Have you ever been in therapy?
Or, do you think you might need some therapy?
Did your family take the fun out of dysfunctional?
It's time for you to understand your life.
It's time for you to see Randi Simon Lupo's one woman show.

You will laugh
You will cry

You will tell all your friends about Randi
and her family and her show.



The Brooklyn-born Randi Lupo, who was once married to a rock 'n roll roadie, sees the personal toll that real life experiences and relationships can take as both gut-wrenching and revealing but also redemptive -- with laughter always the saving grace. Randi has an insightful story to tell. Through anecdotes and act outs she tells of growing up in Brooklyn in a family that was a little off. Her father subscribed to the notion that you could do anything, even cure yourself of scoliosis. Her mother was a fashion plate long before it was fashionable and would dress Randi and her siblings up in their finest clothes and send them off to school.  More information about Randi's background, appearances and videos can be found at  www.randilupo.com.