Audition Notice for Prisoner of

Second Avenue

By Neil Simon

Directed by Anthony Marinelli


Center Playhouse, 35 South Street, Freehold, NJ



Audition Dates:

Sunday, Dec. 4th: 2-4pm

Monday, Dec. 5th: 7-9pm

Callbacks: Wed. Dec. 7th: 7-9pm

Performance Dates: Feb. 10-26th, 2023

9 performances: Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm


Mel Edison is an advertising executive who is at war: with New York City, with his neighbors, and most of all with himself. After being laid off from his job of 22 years, he has a hard time breaking the news to his devoted wife, Edna, but after their apartment is robbed and it doesn’t seem possible that things can get any worse, Mel has a nervous breakdown. Soon, Edna goes back to work to support the family while Mel becomes a virtual prisoner in his own home, feeling worthless and unsure of what the future holds. When Edna loses her own job and begins to unravel, Mel might just have an opportunity to prove he can still be someone she can depend on.

The Prisoner of Second Avenue is a hilarious comedy by Neil Simon that also shows how a husband and wife can whether any storm as long they have each other’s love, support, and a very big shovel.

The roles of Mel and Edna Edison are pre-cast. Auditions are being held for the following supporting characters:

Harry Edison:

Mel’s overachieving, no-nonsense, 53 year old brother. If Mel is the baby of the family, Harry is the father figure (and had to be from a very young age), so he is all business and always ready to step in to fix a problem. He’s a very successful business owner and financially secure, but he longs for the kind of love his sisters have for his younger brother.

Mel’s Three Older Sisters:

All are widows in their late fifties.

Jessie:  Mel’s adoring older sister, the most sensitive of the three, who can’t bear to see Mel suffer, and is prone to wax poetically about what a wonderful child he was.

Pauline: Mel’s calm and logical oldest sister who listens while doing needlepoint and is the most grounded of the three sisters, frequently correcting their memories about him. 

Pearl:  Mel’s nurturing and practical older sister, who also likes to reminisce about Mel’s childhood, but her memories are often scattered.


Sides from the show will be provided.


Resume and headshot if available


For additional information, or if you can't attend the in-person audition, contact:

Director Anthony Marinelli





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