May 15 - June 14, 2020

California Suite

In this 1976 Neil Simon play, four couples arrive, in turn, from London, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York and separately inhabit a Beverly Hills hotel suite, bringing along their problems, anxieties, and comical marital dilemmas. Beverly Hills will never be the same.

July 17 - 26, 2020


In this original musical, Coyote, creator, composer and lyricist Tim McCorry brings the audience on an inspirational journey from Guadalajara, Mexico to Lopez Island, Washington. Inspired by a true story, Coyote is a modern American tale of love, magic and adventure. Pedro and Bernadice are young lovers, determined to be re-united, who turn to a mysterious figure known only as Coyote to help them make a perilous crossing from Mexico into the United States.

August 21 - 30, 2020


This August Wilson drama takes place in Pittsburgh in 1977, in a gypsy cab station, during Pittsburgh’s period of so-called “urban renewal.” As the city tries to shut down businesses -- including the cab station -- to make way for new building, five gypsy cab drivers struggle to survive.  The play examines the tumultuous relationship between father and son; husband and wife; black and white Americans; and the interactions between the jitney station regulars.