February 14 - March 8, 2020

Same Time Next Year

Doris and George are married, but not to each other. They first meet in February 1951 and begin an affair that spans 24 years, meeting at the same Northern California cottage on the same weekend every year. As time passes, their relationship develops into an emotional intimacy that grows deeper as the years go by. Everything else may change in their lives but there is one thing that remains the same - their love for one another.

March 27-29,  2020

A Presentation of One-Acts

BALLOON SHOT: Directed by Dave McGrath. This play takes place in a prison cell with four inmates, one of which is Desmond, whose stories of his prison experiences, and the outlandish escape stories, are starting to grate on his fellow inmates. His present scheme, which is to escape via a hot air balloon, brings a loud debate. Two guards arrive to investigate the resulting ruckus, and Desmond’s chief rival willingly reveals the plan to the guards, resulting in Desmond being sent to the Warden. A delightful short comedy with a bizarre twist.


CHAMBER MUSIC: Directed by Ben Alexander. This dark, absurdist drama takes place in a women’s mental institution where eight patients meet to discuss the day’s events in their ward and to ponder their future. Their illnesses manifest in delusion and paranoia as each woman has one distinguishable trait -- each believes they are an historical figure lost in time. The play thoughtfully examines personal struggles with identity, as well as women’s place in society and their roles in various eras and how it has or has not changed over the years.

May 15 - June 14, 2020

California Suite

In this 1976 Neil Simon play, four couples arrive, in turn, from London, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York and separately inhabit a Beverly Hills hotel suite, bringing along their problems, anxieties, and comical marital dilemmas. Beverly Hills will never be the same.

July 17 - 26, 2020


In this original musical, Coyote, creator, composer and lyricist Tim McCorry brings the audience on an inspirational journey from Guadalajara, Mexico to Lopez Island, Washington. Inspired by a true story, Coyote is a modern American tale of love, magic and adventure. Pedro and Bernadice are young lovers, determined to be re-united, who turn to a mysterious figure known only as Coyote to help them make a perilous crossing from Mexico into the United States.

August 21 - 30, 2020


This August Wilson drama takes place in Pittsburgh in 1977, in a gypsy cab station, during Pittsburgh’s period of so-called “urban renewal.” As the city tries to shut down businesses -- including the cab station -- to make way for new building, five gypsy cab drivers struggle to survive.  The play examines the tumultuous relationship between father and son; husband and wife; black and white Americans; and the interactions between the jitney station regulars.