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The Emperor's New Duds

An adaptation of "The Emperor's  New Clothes" by Bernice Garfield-Szita and co-directed by Bernice Garfield-Szita and Enid Bush.

Audition Dates: Sat. October 20th  3:00 - 5:00 PM

 Sun. October 21st  7:00 - 9:00 PM

Callbacks:     Mon.  October 22nd  7:00 - 9:00 PM 

Performance Dates:   December  8, 9, 14, 15, 16th,     plus daytime school performances Dec. 20th    


The Emperor’s New Duds, ” is an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s the “Emperor’s New Clothes.” This charming modern musical adaption of the classic fairy tale is set in the land of Felicity, which is blessed by people from all over the globe. Everyone is happy except for their Emperor, who can’t seem to get enough jewels and expensive attire.


EMPEROR MAGNIFICO:  (30s to 40s)  A man who has only known the pleasures of royalty and spends all his and his kingdom’s time and money on buying and wearing the most expensive clothes, jewels and accessories to confirm his great power as Emperor. He views the world, his kingdom and it’s people  as a resource to validate his greatness.

EMPRESS MOTHER ANTIGUA:  (60s to 70s)  A widow of the late Emperor, she has spent her life searching for ways to create the perfect childhood and environment for her beloved son, the now Emperor Magnifico.  He has never heard the word “no” spoken to him in relation to a request he has made.  Now, in her later years, she wonders if perhaps she was a little too indulgent but would never tell that to the emperor.

PRIME MINISTER MAPWAY:  (50s to 60s)  A mature man who has served the royal family for many, many years. He prides himself on doing a good job of keeping the business of running the kingdom under complete control so that the emperor can continue to enjoy his stress free life, shopping, modeling and exhibiting his ever expanding wardrobe.

COURT KITTY, KITTYAURA:  (Flexible age)  A very smart, whimsical kitty cat who entertains the court by her clever tricks.  A favorite of the emperor except when she wants to rub up against his newest piece of clothing.  She doesn’t speak except to the audience who can hear her and acts the role of narrator for this modern fairy tale.

 MINISTER OF PEACE EAGLETON:  Multi range age is possible as long as we can feel the peaceful intensions of this court official to encourage and secure peace and prosperity for all the subjects of Felicity.

 MISTRESS OF WARDROBE PINELOPE  (Female, age range flexible)  A hardworking court member whose sole occupation is to keep track of, and help to co-ordinate the Emperors New Duds without messing up his hair or his crown.

 COURT PAGE JINGLES:  (Boy 9 to 14)  A lively member of the court who introduces the comings and goings of guests and court members.  Alert and entertaining, he really enjoys his job!

 MAGIC WEAVER #1, SLYDON:  (30s to 50s)  A charming but shifty wanderer who preys upon the weaknesses he discovers in people and then finds a way to make money using the flaw as a part of the scheme.

 MAGIC WEAVER # 2, SHIFTY:  (30s to 50s)  An experienced scam artist who enjoys using his/her wit to get money from unsuspecting victims. He feels vindicated because he is the “smartest’ and deserves the rewards. He rarely feels sorry or guilty.

 COURTIER #1 AGUSTA SIMPLETON:  (Female 30s to 60s) A proud court member who tries to please the Emperor even if it takes telling a white lie. She is known for her enthusiastic complements.

COURTIER #2, HENRIETTA BOUNTIFUL:  (Female 30s to 60s)  Good friends with Augusta and always talking and comparing gossip about the court in secret.

CITIZEN #1, RANDALL:  (Age range flexible)  A happy citizen of Felicity but wishes the emperor wouldn’t tax his people so highly in order to buy clothes and other worldly goods. 

CITIZEN #2, OLIVIA:  (Age range flexible)  A cheerful, hard working citizen of Felicity.  She enjoys all the celebrations and events that the emperor organizes to show off his new clothes but sometimes wishes he would not spend so much of the tax payers money.

CITIZEN #3, FITZGERALD:  (Age range flexible)  An excellent craftsman whose well made products bring fame an honor to Felicity.  He is the father of Precious. 

CHILD #1:  (Age 7 to 10)  A very smart young person who hasn’t learned yet to filter the truth to become politically correct!

CHILD #2:   (Age 10 to 14)  A slightly older child than child #1 who appreciates the truth when it is spoken but would be more cautious about revealing it to the adults.


Sides from the play will be provided.  Please prepare a song you know well. You can bring recorded music if you wish.


Resume and Headshot if available


Bernice Garfied-Szita  (Director)  at  732-577-1076 or

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