April  21-May 21:
Murder on the Nile

Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Nile”  will be co-directed by Center Players Artistic Director Bernice Garfield-Szita and Zach Berman. Set in the 1940s on a paddle steamer traveling on the Nile River, the play tells the story of Simon Mostyn, who has recently married Kay Ridgeway, a rich woman, after having broken up with his former lover Jacqueline. The couple are honeymooning on the paddle steamer, accompanied by a bevy of memorable characters, including Jacqueline, and surrounded by plenty of intrigue. During the voyage, Jacqueline works herself into a state of hysteria and shoots and wounds Simon. A few moments later, Kay is found shot dead. By the time the boat reaches its destination, an audacious conspiracy has emerged — but will the criminals go free?

June 16-25:
Doodle - All American Sing-a-long

An original musical, “Doodle” was co-written by Leslie Hochman and Marie Dionisio Fiorello. Hochman will direct the production, which is a celebration of Americana, and features uplifting music and patriotic messages. Showcasing the musical talents of local adults and children, Doodle is heartwarming family entertainment.

August 4 - 20:
The Boys Next Door

Tom Griffin’s “The Boys Next Door” will be directed by Dave McGrath  This comedic-drama centers around four intellectually disabled men who live together in a small apartment, and Jack, their caring social worker who is on the verge of career burn-out.  Taking place over the course of two months, the play offers scenes and vignettes to illustrate the daily lives of Jack and his wards.

Special Applause: Aug. 26th

An Evening of Original Award-Winning Short Movies with Writer/Director Anthony Marinelli