June 16-25:
Doodle - All American Sing-a-long

An original musical, “Doodle” was co-written by Leslie Hochman and Marie Dionisio Fiorello. Hochman will direct the production, which is a celebration of Americana, and features uplifting music and patriotic messages. Showcasing the musical talents of local adults and children, Doodle is heartwarming family entertainment.

July 7, 8:
Sometimes I'm Ok

“Sometimes I’m Ok” is a story of a woman following her dreams and the many road blocks and trials and tribulations on the way. Take the leap of faith with Randi and see where her dreams have taken her and where they will lead. You learn about her unique up bringing in Brooklyn, to her marriage to a rock n roll roadie and on to her exploration of therapy with the many therapists she has encountered.

An inciteful and endearing story of a woman who dreams big and takes no prisoners.

August 4 - 20:
The Boys Next Door

Tom Griffin’s “The Boys Next Door” will be directed by Dave McGrath  This comedic-drama centers around four intellectually disabled men who live together in a small apartment, and Jack, their caring social worker who is on the verge of career burn-out.  Taking place over the course of two months, the play offers scenes and vignettes to illustrate the daily lives of Jack and his wards.

Special Applause: Aug. 26th

An Evening of Original Award-Winning Short Movies with Writer/Director Anthony Marinelli