Directed by Michael Tota
and Rachel Ryan Hamilton

Three plays by Richard Fulco:

Deep Fried Monster: During a performance of a play, two actors battle each other for the lead, while the director tries to keep both of them happy.

Swedish Fish- In a futuristic world where people must pay in order to speak, a tramp encounters an impoverished woman on a country road and hastily spends all of his money hoping to engage in meaningful conversation with her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the money that is required to speak, but the couple manages to communicate and entertain themselves, and in the end, words are not necessary for them to form a genuine bond.

New Hope is the story of Henry, a slippery, realist of a musician, and Camille, a small town idealistic, debutante. The play takes place in one evening. In their short time together, Henry and Camille date, get engaged, married, separated and divorced.

The following play is written by Anthony Marinelli:

Sartre Was Wrong is a parody of "No Exit" where, instead of "hell being other people" hell is people without technology.